Career Profile

I am an experienced software engineer with more than twenty years of experience architecting, implementing and maintaining full-featured web, mobile, and desktop applications. I am looking for a team where I can exercise my extensive backend skills and further refine my passion for API development, dev-ops, and automation.


Senior Software Engineer

2017 - 2021
Resolution Bioscience, Seattle

As the first member of the software team, I worked alongside the Vice President of technology to successfully launch version 1 of our laboratory information management system (LIMS) platform. During my tenure we expanded the software engineering team to more than 20 members and implemented an efficient agile release and maintenance process. Key achievements include introducing best practices use of task review process, automated unit testing and continuous deployment. Primary technologies include PHP (Laravel, PHPUnit) and React as well as GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes and many parts of the AWS ecosystem.

Co-Founder, Lead Backend Engineer

2015 - 2017
Mettle, Chicago

As the co-founder and lead backend engineer, I consulted with clients around the world to help them implement application solutions on the web and desktop. My responsibilities ranged from sales and client relations to vendor management, in addition to my work as a software engineer. Primary technologies include PHP (Laravel, WordPress), React, Node.js, Electron desktop framework, Stripe API, Ruby

Application Developer

2008 - 2015
The Institute for Justice, Washington, D.C.

Reporting to the Director of Technology, I maintained and extended the custom non-profit customer relationship management software used firm-wide, as well as worked with the activism and development teams to build and deploy custom marketing-focused applications. Primary technologies include PHP (WordPress, Joomla), ASP, and SQL Server.

Contract Software Developer

2002 - 2008
Columbus, Ohio

I worked with clients across the United States to design, architect and build custom web sites and e-commerce solutions. Primary technologies include PHP, ASP, jQuery, Authorize.NET.

Application Developer

2000 - 2002
Lord, Sullivan & Yoder, Columbus, Ohio

My tenure Lord, Sullivan and Yoder advertising exposed me to a variety of vastly different types of projects, from standard marketing web sites to the development of CD-based product demo applications and unique advertising campaign solutions. Primary technologies include ASP, SQL Server, Adobe Flash and Shockwave.


A job history only tells you so much. Here is what I am specifically passionate about in my role as a software engineer

Mentoring - A team is only as strong as its best mentor. I love working with less experienced engineers, trying to show them ways to improve their skills and become a better member of the team.
Git & Version Control - I’m a stickler when it comes to concise atomic commits, merge requests that are well articulated, and a clean and linear branching history.
RESTful API development - As software engineering trends solidify around microservices, its crucial to have well designed backend APIs that behave in a predictable and expected manner. I’m passionate about designing and building clean, well-documented APIs including Swagger documentation.
Test Coverage and Automation - I’m a big believer in test-driven design. If your codebase doesn’t include test coverage, it isn’t complete. Every merge requests should include test coverage, and every Git repo should include automated processing of test suites.

Skills & Proficiency

PHP & Laravel


Javascript & jQuery



React & Vue

Docker & Kubernetes