Hi, my name is Andy & I am a
developer systems architect problem solver leader

With 20 years of experience, I have occupied many roles including backend developer, project architect, team lead, and all around problem solver. This site shows you a bit about me and my work.

About me

Hello! I'm a software developer who is passionate about changing the world. I have worked within a broad range of industries—from biosciences to marketing to non-profit legal—and in each role I have worked to define and overcome unique challenges.

When I'm not working I love to travel with my family and write. I currently live in Prague, and one day I will definitely finish writing this novel.



A few examples of collaborations I have been part of.


PMCD Oil Rig Drilling Automation


Language Learning through Videos


Short Term Rentals in London

Output Hub

Custom App Store for Musicians

The Wheelhouse

Every developer brings a particular set of skills to a team. Here's what I pride myself on.

Problem solver

Nothing excites me more than taking a complex problem, breaking it down, and finding an elegant solution.

An eye for detail

I'm a stickler for writing clean, self-documenting code that other developers can make sense of.

Team player

Whether it's sitting down with a team of developers to delegate tasks or pair programming, working together benefits everyone.

Test Driven

Test coverage should never be an afterthought. I practice test driven development and nothing give me a bigger thrill than that green "OK"


Written code is only one half of the puzzle. I speak Ubuntu, Elastic Beanstalk, Ansible, and Continuous Deployment.

API Development

I'm particularly passionate about designing and implementing robust, semantic RESTful APIs.

Want to learn more ?

I'm always looking for a great project or team to work with, drop me a message and let's find time to talk about what you're working on.

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