Hosting static web sites with AWS

6 January, 2019 devops, aws, s3, codecommit, codebuild, hugo

I’ve recently rebuilt my personal web site, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about the DevOps side of things for a change. I’ve used variety of platforms over the years, including many disparate technologies. Most recently the site was built leveraging WordPress, tracked via GitHub, and deployed to a DigitalOcean instance using DeployBot. In the years since, Amazon’s AWS offerings have continued to grow and I’ve become much more familiar with how they work—and how they all work together—so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity here to see what it was like to go “all-in” on the AWS ecosystem on a project.

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Why I (still) Love Laravel

6 November, 2016 development, backend, php, laravel

Earlier this year I reviewed some of the things that I love most about Laravel, the incredibly popular PHP application framework. Features like the Eloquent database abstraction layer, built-in unit testing, and Git-friendly database schema tracking through Migrations are some of the fundamental things that make the choice to use Laravel something of a no-brainer. In the time since that post I have continued to leverage Laravel for client projects as well as some products of my own, and I wanted to take the time to talk about some more built-in features of Laravel that make applications fast, full-featured, and scalable.

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Why I Love Laravel

6 January, 2016 development, backend, php, laravel

For the longest time I was a language purist. Every line of code I wrote was done by hand using nothing but a simple text editor and a PHP reference book. Inline tag completion? That’s cheating! Starting templates? Shortcuts are for the weak! And programming frameworks? Why would I tie myself to an abstraction when I can write “real code?” This was the early 2000’s though, and things have come a long way since then.

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