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6 July 2016| Technologies: electron, desktop, angular| website: https://output.com/hub

Output Inc. is an LA-based software studio that specializes in building tools to help musicians, DJs and producers make beautiful music. Output’s software products, including their REV, Exhale, and Signal engines, are used by thousands of musicians every day to create unique and captivating sounds. When Output was looking for a development partner to help them retool their software distribution system, I stepped in to help them get their vision from dream to reality.

A Custom App Store for Musicians

When it comes to software distribution, most of the time it’s pretty cut-and-dried: Build the software into an installer, put it in a private area of the web site, and you’re done. But when each software package is literally gigabytes upon gigabytes of sounds effects and loops, you need to step things up a bit to make sure delivery is secure, efficient, and ideally a delight to use. In an attempt to archive this goal, we worked with Output to build and launch Output Hub, a single location where both Mac and Windows users can purchase, download, and update their Output software.

Built using proven web technologies, Output Hub is a custom, from-the-ground-up software solution that allows Output customers to view products they have purchased and download them to their computers in a secure way. Additionally, Output Hub keeps track of purchases, alerts users to available updates, and provides a single place where customers can find out the latest news about the tools they use every day.

We didn’t cut any corners when building Output Hub. At its very core, it is built with scalability and expansion in mind. From built-in autoupdate technology to download CRC checks, Output Hub was designed and built to be robust and complete from version 1.0 on.


The Output Hub desktop application was built with AngularJS on top of the NWjs framework, and is powered on the backend via WordPress. To keep the build, test and deploy process as smooth and seamless as possible, a series of Gulp tasks was written to handle version updates, DMG and Windows Installer builds, and new version deployment. Output Hub is an excellent example of how I can work with an established team to bring ideas from conception to reality.

Output, Inc.
18 July 2016
electron, desktop, angular

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