6 May 2019| Technologies: node, electron, vue.js, python| website: http://wellsav.com

Wellsav is an ambitious attempt to automate the complex oil drilling process known as pressurized mudcap drilling (PMCD). Historically, oil rigs that expect to hit pressurized packets of air in the drilling process are required to have several PMCD drilling engineers on staff, to ensure that the drilling is done properly and that any experienced reverse pressure is properly managed. I worked with a veteran PMCD engineer to develop the worlds first PMCD automation solution.

From Proof-of-Concept to Completion

Step one in producing this first-in-class solution was proving that it works. I endeavored to build a proof-of-concept to satisfy ourselves that what we were attempting to build was even possible. Over the course of several months I built and perfected the Wellsav simulator to the point where it was clear that we had cracked the problem. I took what I learned from the prototype stage and re-implemented our algorithms and methodologies into the Wellsav server platform, along with a complete suite automated tests and oil rig simulators.


The initial Wellsav prototype was written with the Vue.js and the Electron frameworks because of their ease of use and multi-platform build ability. Once the prototype was complete, the final product was written in Python 3.7, with a suite of pytest unit tests. The application is built to run in production on a customized Raspberry Pi microcomputer under the Raspbian Linux operating system.

Herald Javelin
10 May 2019
node, electron, vue.js, python

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